The industry

Agrária’s wheat mill was the Cooperative’s first industrial unit to add value to the farm produce. Set upd in 1953, the first purpose of the mill was to supply the members’ families for their own consumption. With the expansions carried out in the course of several decades, this industry currently has the capacity to produce 150,000 tons per year.

Agrária Malte

Structure and production

Agrária Farinhas’ products are manufactured in one of the most modern flour mills in Brazil. Modern equipment and advanced technology, together with strict control of raw material, lead to quality in production.

Besides supplying the home baking market, Agrária Farinhas is one of the most important suppliers of wheat flour for industrial use in the country, in the bread, biscuit and pasta segments. In order to meet the needs of customers and associates, the industry has a grinding chart for whole-grain and special flours, producing flours in several grain sizes.


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Research and market

In order to invest in the quality of the raw material, Agrária Farinhas works together with FAPA (Agrária Foundation for Agricultural Research). Through trials and analyses, the research leads to technical recommendations focused on and specific for the production of wheat, in addition to making available new varieties that will meet the technical needs of Agrária Farinhas? customers.

Agrária Farinhas started producing flours for biscuits in the year 1995. Since then, it has carried out joint work with FAPA (Agrária Foundation for Agricultural Research) in order to improve and select wheat cultivars that will meet the needs of this sector?s industry. Currently, 70% of the wheat planted by Agrária?s members is of the soft variety, specially suitable for the production of biscuit flour. In addition, Agrária Farinhas is adapting its grinding plant for the production of specific flours, with analyses more focused on biscuits and also meeting health requirements.

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FSSC 22000
Agrária's flour mill has the FSSC 22000 certification (Food Safety System Certification).