Agrária is an agro-industrial cooperative situated in Guarapuava (State of Paraná), headquartered in the district of Entre Rios. It was set up in 1951, and brings together tradition and history, technology and excellence in management. From its foundation in agriculture, Agrária has set up complete production chains, comprising everything from agricultural research, carried out by FAPA (Agrária Foundation for Agricultural Research), to industrial processing.

The main crops produced by the cooperative’s members are soybeans, corn, wheat and barley. Value is added to the commodities by the business units: Agrária Malte (Malt), Agrária Farinhas (Flours), Agrária Nutrição Animal (Animal Feed), Agrária Sementes (Seeds), Agrária Óleo e Farelo (Oil and Meal) and Agrária Grits & Flakes.

In support of production, Cooperativa Agrária Agroindustrial has its own energy matrix, a logistics structure comprising three storage units, and a modern central laboratory that carries out analyses at every stage of the production chain.

Agrária, with its commitment to the future, also invests in education, in the preservation of culture, and in the health and well-being of the whole community, as the maintaining body for the Imperatriz Dona Leopoldina School, the Swabian-Brazilian Cultural Foundation and the Semmelweis Hospital and Pharmacy.

Institucional - Agrária

Integrated Management System

Agrária has an Integrated Management System based on the following norms:

ISO 9001:2015

Research, development, production, marketing and sale of agro-industrial products and services.

ISO 14001:2015

Research, development, production, marketing and sale of agro-industrial products and services at cereal processing, storage and industrial units.

OHSAS 18001:2007

Production of agro-industrial products in cereal processing, storage and industrialization units.

Agrária in numbers*

Agrária - 650 cooperados
Agrária - 1500 colaboradores
Agrária - 2,8 bilhões em faturamento total

*Data from the 2020 Report Annual

Agrária Administrative Head Office

Sede Administrativa - Agrária


Agrária’s existence is intertwined with the life of the people from which it originated. When it was founded, on May 5, 1951, the challenge was to support 500 Danube Swabian families in restarting their lives.

Agriculture has been the main activity carried out by the Danube Swabians since their origin, in the South of Germany. Starting in the eighteenth century, they colonized the Southeast region of Europe and transformed it into Europe’s breadbasket. The conflicts of the Second World War and their German origin forced the Swabians to leave their homes in 1944.

After seven years living in shelters for refugees in Austria, an initiative of the humanitarian institution “Swiss Aid for Europe” developed a project for these families to be reestablished. A commission, led by agricultural engineer Michael Moor, found a new homeland for them in the State of Paraná, building Cooperativa Agrária and its members’ community in Entre Rios.


To develop, produce and market agro-industrial products and services, adding value with the proper technology and superior quality, aiming at customer satisfaction and respecting the individual, the principles of the cooperative movement and the environment.


To be a national benchmark in agro-industrial production technology and in cooperative management.


Sense of Ownership

Integrated Management Policy

ISO 9001

OHSAS 18001

ISO 14001

ISO 22000


ISO 17025

ISO 17043

FSSC 22000

Requisitos Adicionais

"Cooperativa Agrária, guided by its values and strategic planning, develops, produces and sells agro-industrial products and services, with the following responsibilities and commitments:

  • - valuing the culture of the group that maintains it and the principles of the Cooperative movement, focusing on sustainable growth for the Cooperative and its members;
  • - the satisfaction of its Members, Customers and other stakeholders;
  • - guaranteeing that its products and services meet the standards for food quality and safety, health, occupational safety and the environment, established by internal standards and applicable legislation, by means of efficient communication between the links in the production chain;
  • - showing respect for the individual, by providing the resources necessary for the exercise of their activities, including the work environment and professional training, and ensuring that the objectives and targets of the integrated management system are met;
  • - promoting safe and healthy working conditions, including the elimination of hazards and reduction of risks to health and safety;
  • - ensuring that workers can be consulted and take part in relevant issues concerning health and safety;
  • - protecting the environment, eliminating or reducing the environmental impacts of its activities, efficiently managing the natural resources it uses and preventing pollution;
  • - and the continuous improvement of the IMS (Integrated Management System), seeking to prevent accidents and eliminate losses and defects by using management and technology tools".

POLAGR001 – Integrated Management Policy, version 00 of April 27, 2020

Agrária's Cooperative Members

Agrária’s cooperative members are characterized by the professional management of their properties and by the high technological level adopted in the field. For both productivity and quality in production to advance, our members have the support of the research carried out by FAPA (Agrária Foundation for Agricultural Research) and focused technical assistance.

Specialized departments attend and support our members, with financial guidance, funding projects, grain marketing, and seed and agricultural raw material purchasing

Technical training and events, as well as the "PAGR" (Agrária Rural Management Program), supply our members with tools and information for continuous updating and improvement in production and in their properties.

Research - FAPA

FAPA (Agrária Foundation for Agricultural Research) was set up by the Cooperative in order to generate and apply technologies that would meet the members’ requirements for productivity, as well as the quality required by business units and customers alike.

Eleven highly qualified researchers work in specific areas, with a view to generating complete information that is focused on the regions where members operate. Studies involve the assessment and selection of new cultivars and hybrids, soil fertility, planting times, plant density, weed control, disease and pest management, and agricultural mechanization.

The technical information resulting from research work is used by our technical assistance agronomists and applied together with our members. Technologies are also disseminated by publications, training, talks and specific technical events, such as the Summer Field Day and the WinterShow – considered to be the biggest event related to winter cereals in Brazil.

Research Areas

Winter oil-bearing crops
Weed science
Soil management and fertility
Agricultural entomology

Laboratory - Quality

Agrária - Selo Inmetro NBR Agrária - Selo Inmetro NBR Agrária - Selo Inmetro NBR All of Agrária’s production chain is supported by the analyses effected in the Central Laboratory. Since 2012, the laboratory has been accredited by the Inmetro (National Metrology Institute) under the ISO/IEC 17025 norm, the scope encompassing analyses of barley and malt, wheat flour, seeds, and phytopathology.

In 2017, it increased its accreditation scope to include trials of water and effluents, including sampling, and beer and mycotoxins, using the high-performance liquid chromatograph method, thus achieving formal recognition for its competence for issuing trustworthy reports.

In 2018, it was accredited to operate as provider of the Proficiency Trial Program (“PEP”), according to the criteria of norm ABNT NBR ISO/IEC 17043, Wheat Flour matrix. As a result, it became the sole body in Latin America qualified to assess other national and international laboratories in the wheat flour matrix.

PEP Agrária - Programas de Ensaio de Proficiência

Agrária Group

Maintained Entities
  • Semmelweis Foundation (hospital and pharmacy)
  • Associação Comunitária Central de Entre Rios (Entre Rios Central Community Association)
  • ARCA (Agrária Recreational and Cultural Association)
  • Instituto Agrária de Responsabilidade Social (Agrária Institute for Social Responsibility)
  • Management

    Board of Directors

    Executive Committee
    Jorge Karl
    Manfred Michael Majowski
    Edmund Kreuscher Gumpl
    Secretary Director
    Kevin Reichhardt
    Vowel Members
    Jonathan Seitz
    Cristian Abt
    Jackson Fassbiner
    Alessandro Illich
    Alex Junior Klein
    Alternate Members
    Claudio Marath
    Bianca Vollweiter
    William Robert Korpasch
    Marcelo Mores Edling
    Ulrike Winkler
    Executive Secretary
    Katharina Buhali
    +55 (42) 3625 8018

    Statutory Audit Committee

    Aline Gärtner
    Roberto Sattler
    Rainer Mathias Leh
    Substitute Members
    Marcos Tiago Geier
    Gabriel Gerster Leh
    Thiago Abt
    Agrária - Relatório 2020



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