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Agrária Grits e Flakes The Cooperative's latest business unit and one of the most modern corn mills in Brazil, Agrária Grits & Flakes produces grits, flakes, corn flour, cornmeal and corn germ. The industry started up in 2015, and its operations are focused on supplying the beer and food industry markets.

It has modern, automated equipment, which give the very best performance in terms of grinding and yield. The nominal capacity for annual production is 180,000 tons, and it has a storage structure with a capacity for 3,540 tons.

Its location at the side of the BR-277 highway is strategic for speedy reception of raw materials and efficient dispatch of finished products to customers.


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Grits de Milho

Corn Grits

A product to be supplied both to the beer industry, as an additive, and to the food industry for the production of snacks, biscuits and savories. In the process, corn is lightly conditioned with water to facilitate removal of the germ, and then it is ground in accordance with each customer?s particle-size specifications.

Flakes de Milho

Corn Flakes

A product for the beer industry, the production of flakes initially requires the particle size of the corn endosperm to be reduced; then it undergoes thermal treatment, rolling, and finally grinding.

Creme de milho

Corn Flour

A product for food industries, used for the production of snacks, sweets, savories, biscuits, pasta, bakery products, sauces and seasoning. It can also be used in formulations for bio-packaging. Corn flour is the finest fraction extracted from the corn grinding process.



Another product for food industries, with the same uses as corn flour, but with a different particle size.

Gérmen de Milho

Corn Germ

A product used in animal feed and for vegetable oil extraction industries, due to its high nutritional performance and oil content.

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