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The Supplier Portal provides documents and forms that show how to become an Agrária supplier. The aim is to improve communication and to identify and develop new suppliers.

Request for Registration

Interested companies may, at any time, request registration as a supplier. The request for registration is personal and not transferable.

In order to become a supplier to Cooperativa Agrária Agroindustrial, you need to fill in the registration form provided in this page and send it to

Agrária reserves the right to request complementary documents and information from companies that ask to be registered, besides verifying that the information is true and complete.

Conditions for Requesting Registration

In order to start the registration request, it is necessary to declare knowledge and acceptance of the following items:

1) I am aware that filling in the form:

Does not mean that I am qualified as a supplier of Cooperativa Agrária;
Does not imply, under any circumstances, that Cooperativa Agrária Agroindustrial is obliged to invite and/or register candidates to participate in its purchasing processes.

2) I declare that all the information provided by me in this form is true

3) I declare that I have read and accepted the General Conditions of the Supplier Code of Conduct, made available by Cooperativa Agrária Agroindustrial in the website

4) I am aware that it is for Agrária, at its sole and exclusive discretion, to answer, proceed with the supplier assessment process or invite any company that may request registration to participate in any purchasing process; Agrária is not under obligation to inform the applicant about its decision regarding registration.

Social responsibility

Agrária's commitment goes far beyond sustainable development. As a Cooperative, it totally rejects any form of discrimination against persons, as well as child labor and forced labor - both inside and outside its premises. Agrária takes this posture very seriously, and for that reason it does not tolerate any practice of this kind on the part of its suppliers.

In order to learn more about Conduct guidelines regarding business associates, please visit the "Our Conduct" Program page.

In order to register new associates, before anything else, documents and legal certificates are required, attesting that the company is in compliance with the labor laws. In addition, Agrária consults the Ministry of Labor in order to ensure that the supplier is not included in the list of employers using slave labor.

Support for culture

A company and an individual that invest in culture go beyond their obligations regarding social responsibility, promoting quality of life and improvements in society.

Agrária seeks associates which, like the Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation, encourage, protect and value culture and education, which are the most significant heritage that can be left to future generations.

This project is a way to preserve, promote and disseminate the culture of Agrária's founders, the Danube Swabians, and to promote integration with Brazilian culture. Agrária develops formats that seek to offer associates more than just sponsorship: a differentiated cultural and social marketing opportunity. Put your brand-name to work, dancing, presenting a show and thrilling the audience. Applying the Rouanet Law, your company generates sociocultural development, preserves historic heritage and promotes culture, through the FCSB (Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation).

Click here and learn more about the projects of the Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation.

Self-assessment form

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