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"Our Conduct" Program

Cooperativa Agrária, in harmony with the best practices currently demanded by the market, especially regarding Law 12,846/2013 - the Anti - corruption Law - has created its Anti-corruption Compliance Program, internally named the "Our Conduct" Program, which sets benchmarks for our employees' behavior.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a development founded on Agrária's values, and represents our commitment to ethics and integrity in our cooperative management. We were inspired by these guidelines to create a comprehensive Code, which deals objectively with topics directly linked to our everyday activities. So please read, practice and disseminate the guidelines of our Code of Conduct, and let us together promote Ethics in our working environment.

Business Associates? Code of Conduct

We believe that Agrária's success depends, among other factors, on the positive image and reputation that it maintains among its members, customers and YOU, our Business Associate. With this as our aim, we need the real commitment of those who are the soul of our business: people. Please read, practice and disseminate among your employees the guidelines of our Code of Conduct, and let us together promote Ethics in our everyday activities.

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Conduct Channel

Any procedures or actions that breach the Code of Conduct or the laws in force may be reported (by the internal or external public) through the Agrária Conduct Channel, which is managed by an outside entity that ensures independence, confidentiality and impartiality in treating reports.

The Agrária Conduct Channel is a means of extending the scope of our commitment to transparency and ethics.

This channel is independent, confidential and impartial, and was developed so that situations where the Code of Conduct is infringed - including suspected fraud, moral or sexual harassment, accounting and fiscal irregularities, and other breaches of laws, norms and policies that represent damage to the common good - may be reported safely by the Cooperative's internal and external public.

Integration and Recognition

  • Identified: your personal data will only be available to the members of the Conduct Committee, and will be kept in total confidentiality.
  • Anonymous: it is not necessary to identify yourself.

In all cases a file number will be provided, so that the person reporting may check how the process is progressing. Cooperative Agrária guarantees that any and all reports will be investigated and treated with total confidentiality and impartiality.

Frequent questions

To analyze and resolve any issue relating to the Code of Conduct. The Channel may be accessed by the internal and external public. It is impartial and transparent, and it guarantees the confidentiality of information, preserves the identity of the persons involved and promotes a better environment for everyone.

Any situations that breach our Code of Conduct, internal norms or laws can and should be recorded through this channel so as to receive the correct treatment.

Because it is an exclusive channel for reports, accusations and explanations related to the Code of Conduct, it should be used with great responsibility and seriousness by all those reporting facts.

So that your report can be treated appropriately, you should always add information that will enable correct decision-taking and the gathering of evidence, such as:

  • Name of the person(s) involved
  • Date and time when the event took place (may be approximate)
  • Additional information, such as the place, vehicle number plate, town and witnesses, is also helpful.

No, if you are not comfortable to identify yourself, you may record your concerns anonymously. But if you do identify yourself, rest assured that your identity will be kept confidential by the members of the committee. It is very important that you should not make any comment among your colleagues regarding your report; this will help to preserve your identity.

Identifying yourself will facilitate the receipt and exchange of information, and also, in more delicate situations, will allow us to protect you against any retaliation that might occur.

Every report recorded generates a random file number that will allow you to access to your report and follow up on the progress of the actions taken. So it is very important that you should take note of the file number and keep it in a safe place.

If you have images, reports, chats, videos, names of witnesses, etc., that will speed up the investigation process that the committee will have to carry out. However, it is not necessary to attach any items of evidence in order to register your report.

The Channel is managed by an external, independent and impartial company, which receives the report in the first place and analyses it, prioritizing and forwarding the reports so that Agrária's Conduct Committee may seek evidence and take corrective and preventive measures.

All reports and issues exposed in the Conduct Channel go through an analysis process that seeks all available data. Some cases may take longer to be investigated than others. For privacy reasons, we cannot keep you always updated on the exact result of an issue that has been raised. However, if after some time has elapsed you think that the subject has not been dealt with adequately, feel free to make contact again, filing a repetition report.

It depends; if his attitude was only a request for results said in a harsh way, without offending your character or exposing you in front of other people, that is not considered moral harassment. But if this behavior has been occurring repeatedly and you feel humiliated and that it has affected your morale, then report the situation so that the Committee may make an assessment and take appropriate measures.

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