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Agrária Óleo e Farelo – Coopersul – is one of Cooperativa Agrária’s industrial units. It was started up in 1995, and currently has a crushing capacity of 1,500 tons a day. Situated at the side of the BR-277 highway, Paraná’s main channel for transporting products for delivery, the unit has a large storage capacity for raw materials and finished products. The railway network’s cargo terminal is inside Agrária’s industrial complex, facilitating the transport of products to different regions. In addition, Agrária Óleo e Farelo has a differentiated loading and unloading structure for road transport, ensuring the delivery of products with speed and quality.

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Soybeans processed

Soja Industrializada


Degummed soybean oil

Ensuring high quality, Agrária Óleo e Farelo manufactures a product that is a raw material for soybean-oil refineries, margarine industries, biodiesel, and other products, supplying companies in the domestic market and also exporting companies.

Soybean Meal

Our product is used basically as a raw material by the main animal feed industries, both in Brazil and abroad, including Europe and Asia.


Always aiming at quality both in production and in internal processes, Agrária Óleo e Farelo has the following certifications:

These Certifications guarantee the standardization of activities, continuous improvement, reduction in costs and repetition of work, and the quality of products manufactured with regard to food safety and meeting customers' requirements, besides the possibility of opening new markets, such as the export market for soybean meal.

GMP Plus Feed Certification Scheme (Meal)

Commercial contacts

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Sales of Soybean Oil and Meal:

Paulo Guilherme Rosa Mazeto

+ 55 (42) 3625 8619
+ 55 (42) 9 9101 6339

Origination (soybean acquisition)

Giovanni Malucelli

+ 55 (42) 3625 8638
+ 55 (42) 9 8841 8592

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