Agrária Sementes

Agrária Sementes (Seeds) produces and sells soybean, barley, wheat and oat seeds to cooperative members and to farmers who are not members of the Cooperative. This unit, which certifies a strict quality standard for its products, has its own varieties and maintains partnerships with plant breeders.

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Agrária Nutrição Animal

Agrária Nutrição Animal (Animal Feed) has broad, complete lines of products for animal nutrition, in the form of meal, pelletized and ground feed, including supplements and concentrates for poultry, dairy cattle, beef cattle, horses, rabbits, hogs, sheep, goats and fish. The unit’s modern, automated facilities offer customers diversified and customized products.

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Agrária Malte

Agrária Malte (Malt) has the largest commercial malt plant in Brazil and supplies about 30% of the national malt market. The industry is a quality benchmark in the production of Pilsner, Pale Ale, Munich and Vienna malts. Through commercial partnerships with benchmark companies, Agrária Malte also supplies special malts, extracts, yeast, hops and other raw materials for beer to its customers, ranging from homemade beer producers to large breweries.

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Agrária Óleo e Farelo

Agrária Óleo e Farelo (Oil and Meal) operates in the production of degummed soybean oil and soybean meal. The oil is used as raw material for the food industry, for animal feed, for chemical industries and steelworks, and for the production of biodiesel. The plant supplies both the national and export markets. The soybean meal goes to animal feed industries in Brazil and abroad.

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Agrária Farinhas

Agrária Farinhas (Flours) operates in the market for flours for domestic and industrial use, of which it is one of the main suppliers in the country. In order to meet the needs of its customers and associates, the industry has a grinding chart for whole-grain and special flours, with various specifications for the production of customized flours. Agrária Farinhas also maintains a partnership with Ireks do Brasil, which manufactures special products for bread and cake making.

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Agrária Grits e Flakes

Agrária Grits & Flakes is Agrária’s latest business unit. Inaugurated in 2016, the corn processing unit produces grits, flakes, germ, cornmeal and corn flour; its operations are focused on the beer and food industry markets.

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BMS (Rewir S.A) is a commercial management company belonging to the Agrária Group. It is based in Montevideo, Uruguay, and is registered to operate commercially with all agricultural products and derivatives, and to work as a broker, trader and commercial manager. The company operates in the whole of Latin America, especially in the barley and malt trade.

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Other businesses

Agrária Hogs Hogs

Agrária markets hogs raised by the cooperative members. Focusing on excellence in the means of production, Agrária's hog breeders constantly seek to keep up to date, by means of certifications, innovation and differentiated quality.


Felipe de Lima Wrobel
+55 (42) 3625-8291

Agrária Dairy Cattle Dairy Cattle

As a way of diversifying the activities of its members, Agrária now operates in milk production. The collection and marketing of the product is managed by the Milk Pool, a partnership comprising Agrária and the Batavo and Castrolanda Cooperatives.

Livestock Department:

Felipe de Lima Wrobel
+55 (42) 3625-8291

Agrária Grãos Grain Marketing

Agrária's grain marketing department is responsible for the sale of soybeans, corn and winter crops.

Grain Sales Department:

Marcos Vinicius Pazini
+55 (42) 3625 8286