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Appreciating and preserving the Swabian culture is inherent to Agrária’s essence – one of the most outstanding features of its identity. The Cooperative strives to keep alive the roots of its founders, acting as curator for the language, history, customs and traditions of the Danube Swabian people.

Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation

Apoio ao Hospital

Dedicated to the preservation of the Swabian culture, the Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation (“FCSB”) coordinates folk groups engaged in music, singing, the theater and dancing. Cultural performances, typical events, the coordination of a youth center, broadcasting daily radio programs and publishing a cultural magazine (both of the latter in the German language) – all these also comprise the scope of the FCSB.

Swabian Brazilian Cultural Foundation
+55 (42) 3625 8321

Entre Rios Historical Museum

The unique history of the Danube Swabians, in the course of approximately 300 years, is documented and preserved in the modern Historical Museum of Entre Rios. Interaction, technology and a collection of approximately 5,000 objects, housed in an area of 1,800 m², tell visitors the Swabian history and traditions.

Colégio Imperatriz (Imperatriz School)

The Imperatriz Dona Leopoldina School provides quality education to the whole community, offering Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary Education, as well as technical / professional courses. Among the institution’s differentials is the teaching of the German language in the curriculum of every class, in addition to the practice of sports activities and volunteer projects. The overall development of students, which is a priority for Colégio Imperatriz, is reflected in the outstanding results achieved in exams that are recognized nationwide, such as the ENEM (National Secondary Education Examination), and proficiency in the German language.

Colégio Imperatriz Dona Leopoldina
+55 (42) 3625 8356

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